Friday, June 5, 2009

and life ends..

my macbook pro has died on me. technically, the main board (logic board) is completely dead. a limp piece of silicon that binds the whole thing together. my life my joy my all lies in a roses and skulls covered carrying case awaiting for major surgery. but not here, oh no, it costs £920 to fix it here. and it costs RM2700 to fix it back home. my baby need her rest. see you all soon.


on a lighter note, i've discovered some little happiness through:

- magner's light
- toffee flavoured muller yogurt
- use somebody by kings of leon
- karima francis's cover of use somebody
- per
- spring/summer sunshine shirtless boys
- david lloyd

hope y'all can find some little happiness in life.

jiji xx

a random picture i took