Thursday, October 8, 2009

quintessentially malaysia

my days and nights cruising and the likes bore fruit... malaysia boleh!
enjoy some malaysian made failed pictures!

the RM sign. a dead giveaway

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

good old astro

and something out of topic but still interesting. who would have guessed fatty crab restaurant had a NY branch with an american chef? US pun boleh!

Friday, September 25, 2009

banksy and me

i went up to bristol before i left UK to catch me a glimpse of one of the coolest artist of all time, banksy. bristol is beautiful. i've always been only to london (lived there on my own for 3 years or so) and well, of late, hertfordshire. i'm beginning to enjoy places outside london so much more.

anyway, enjoy banksy.

the 2 hour queue
rizal + ezlina + azam + me

the unusual suspects


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


my baby is now fixed. i am whole again. i missed my computer soooo much that i did the most tedious job. i made a short little movie of my time in hertfordshire. usually i need to get in the 'mood' to edit hours of footage but this took me a record (for me) of an hour and a half with no complaints :)

i haven't been up to much lately. a lot of family oriented activities.

ooh! i joined the kuala lumpur original bootcamp, a military fashioned fitness programmed that starts at 5 friggin' 45 am at padang merbuk. i quite enjoyed it. even when it was raining with thunder and lightning (i'm usually quite a phobe to such extreme weather).

my little niece and nephew, maya and adam has started school. so their busy with their own thang, school, reading, writing, playdoh and stuff..

my eldest niece afiqah (from my brother a.k.a the rizals) is away for the first time in boarding school in the UK. we miss her a lot this raya. i made a little video for her.

ok y'all.


Friday, June 5, 2009

and life ends..

my macbook pro has died on me. technically, the main board (logic board) is completely dead. a limp piece of silicon that binds the whole thing together. my life my joy my all lies in a roses and skulls covered carrying case awaiting for major surgery. but not here, oh no, it costs £920 to fix it here. and it costs RM2700 to fix it back home. my baby need her rest. see you all soon.


on a lighter note, i've discovered some little happiness through:

- magner's light
- toffee flavoured muller yogurt
- use somebody by kings of leon
- karima francis's cover of use somebody
- per
- spring/summer sunshine shirtless boys
- david lloyd

hope y'all can find some little happiness in life.

jiji xx

a random picture i took

Monday, April 20, 2009


this is my life in stevenage, hertfordshire.

ok so i'm not very wordy lately. i'm just enjoying the little pleasures. walk in the countryside, a pint of cider, waking up in the morning..

until next time~