Wednesday, September 23, 2009


my baby is now fixed. i am whole again. i missed my computer soooo much that i did the most tedious job. i made a short little movie of my time in hertfordshire. usually i need to get in the 'mood' to edit hours of footage but this took me a record (for me) of an hour and a half with no complaints :)

i haven't been up to much lately. a lot of family oriented activities.

ooh! i joined the kuala lumpur original bootcamp, a military fashioned fitness programmed that starts at 5 friggin' 45 am at padang merbuk. i quite enjoyed it. even when it was raining with thunder and lightning (i'm usually quite a phobe to such extreme weather).

my little niece and nephew, maya and adam has started school. so their busy with their own thang, school, reading, writing, playdoh and stuff..

my eldest niece afiqah (from my brother a.k.a the rizals) is away for the first time in boarding school in the UK. we miss her a lot this raya. i made a little video for her.

ok y'all.


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