Thursday, June 15, 2006

hilariously lewd

lately i've been bombarded with fan mails in my myspace. i must look desperate! here's some of the funniest letters i've received.. read and piss in your pants!

letter one, click this button

letter two, click this button

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

memory loss

in case you forgot how we all look like.. here's a picture of us after the 3 young contemporaries show at valentine willie.

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one more time.. the attic

lets put it this way.. if the attic was a country, i'd probably have a citizenship there. here's another night at the attic..

enjoy scuzzbuckets

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ok it was at the attic YET AGAIN!

so it was allen's surprise birthday -happy birthday allen-. kev, joyce, adlin and i thought we were late (we were told by fiona -allen's girl- to be there at 9:30pm) when we waltzed in at 11pm. but the birthday boy wasn't there yet. ha ha.. surprise was on us.

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suck me

when syamly isn't taking fantastic photos of his friends, he's getting his ass whipped by the missus. "syamly! yang kata nak kemaskan rumah. dah malam dah niiii... yada yada yada yada" said ena

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i was a bystander.

where am i?

i'm the one holding in my piss coz that place is too damn cold!! muthafuks!

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the images above were taken at :
a) kelab istirehat teknojinjang utama
b) gameboyz gaming centre sg wang
c) laser bowling centre pj
d) cathay cineleisure

yum yum bon voyage

my sister ordered some cuppacakes for her friends, bruce + sally's farewell party.

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gorgeous aren't they? so what the hell are you waiting for.. order now!

check out cuppacakes


illy is a coffee

and dzu is a camwhore (as am i).

we were at the attic (yet again) but this time it was in the day. they served us coffee and cuppacakes! wished you were there!

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my boy wonder

my nephew muaz is in town and hes hot. his friend(s) are hot too. heres a preview:

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don't be hatin' y'all!