Thursday, June 15, 2006

hilariously lewd

lately i've been bombarded with fan mails in my myspace. i must look desperate! here's some of the funniest letters i've received.. read and piss in your pants!

letter one, click this button

letter two, click this button


  1. okay ji...
    i have a confession.
    the 2nd letter was me.

  2. ok ji..i dah kasi your phone and address kat bloke tulen tu...

    click* click* need to thank me lah!

  3. haha .. depa nih kurang kasih sayang kot .

    layaan jek la .. kasi no dzu, psl dia pun bukan balas sms org :P

  4. superdzu oh ye ke!? assalamualaikum sleazebag... hahaha tak sangka dibawah senyuman manis dan rambut cute {{{chewah chewah}} tersembunyi seorang lelaki yang bernafsu menatang! aww aww

    syamly&ena thanks man.. tak sabar i nak di ramas2kan..

    kinkypugkev get your own!

    bertique amboiiiii.. naper ni brader? lain macam jer bunyi.. merajuk kat dzu ke?
    ...well take it elsewhere man.. dontch dump your emo baggage here! muehehehehe

  5. haha mana ada merajuk. apa la u nih ..

    eh studio dah siap utk mlm nih punya party ka? kalau tak de aral datang ler nnt, bersama2 geng baik yg lain :P ..

    kan pijah? pms? wegra? agus? kan?

  6. Ola

    Was bloghoppin.I reckon that ur blog is the bomb so me is linkin u...

    Ciaos Babes!

  7. bertique dah siap dah! siap roll out red carpet for the guest... you + your kawan baiks (the B list) can use the back entrance! muehehehe acah jer.. jangan marah, nanti kena jual!

    em welcome to jijiland! i see from your profile youre in singapore! my favourite shopping centre/country! add me away!! jumpa lagi!

    ps i would kill for your pouty lips!

    kev well to fuckin' bad! you're stuck wif me! (as friends. purely plutonic) hahahaahahahahaha i wuf yew!

  8. hey jiji..
    check your friendster..

  9. silent-no-more ok! tapi lambat sikit sorry luv. my computer can't masuk friendster. lembab!!!

  10. Hey Jiji!

    We met at school, once or twice at +theclickproject and Ena's house...tadaaa!! Bulih terstumble upon ure blog pulak...heeyyyllooo again!!

    Muahh love ure pics!

  11. nina heylooooo.. welcome welcome! err i'm sorry k.. was it at ena's wangsa maju's place or maluri? i'm blurry.. and which school? errr i'm so old man.. give me a clue.. or a picture :D i'm better with faces!

  12. CBN laaa..where else? I was your junior. We met at Maluri's masa Edlan's 2nd birthday. Me with the henna-tatooed arms and feet (dragon) remember??

    I'm not that young either!! Muahahahaha!

  13. nina wow bertattoo lagi??! erk piercings pun ade ke? boleh tengok? ehehehehe.. i think i remember you. you're tall kan? your boyfriend or hubby is friends with syamly or something.. uish.. CBN the shining star of my life (whatev')..

    anyways, i yem so hespi to meet you again!

    keep in touch tau.. kalau tak i kasi phone number you kat puan siti! muahahaha eeek

  14. Yeah i wish i had tattoos but mana boleh kan? Henna pun henna la..or black marker ink ehehehehe...
    Yea, i'm the tall one but not skinny *sob*sob*.

    Hey...add me on ure friendster! Mine's niarazrain. Tried to add you but couldnt remember ure real name lah. And do check out my blog!

    p/s. Puan Siti? Tak main aahh...i report kat Mrs Manuel baru tau...:P

  15. jiji.
    poster show tuh still on ker?
    office hour jer ek bukak?

  16. nina ingat puan puteh tak? eeekk!

    silent-no-more a-ah.. office hours jek. still on. nak turun kl ke??

  17. mmg kat kl dah..
    cuma tak tersempat nak gie kedai u jer
    sbb keja abih 5.30..
    nanti kalau i mc ker off ker i gie melawat la..kena bawak duit byk2 tak?

  18. Olas

    Dear Jiji wen are you updating... Updates please

    PS:Thanks for saying that you would be luv to hv pouty lips.. I would kiss you but u is a girl..

  19. Wahhh sungguh meriah comment2 di sini...:P

    Pn Puteh? not like her. Infact, most of my classmates didnt like her except for the ehem u know, nerdys...

  20. jiji
    happy birthday!!!
    brapa tahun dah eh???

  21. hi y'all

    silent amik MC 3 hari and duk kemah kat depan. bawak la 2-3 juta baru puas heheheheh

    em aiyak.. am so bz la.. i'll try my best k

    nina her (puteh's) suara is one of the most annoying in the world! or was it puan siti! ai yai yai yai

    silent why thank you very much! the big 3-0 y'all! don't play play

  22. Jiji,
    Eppi Belated Burstday!

    (just pissed in my pants after read the 2nd letter <--- nottynyer Dzu!)

  23. Hi Jiji,

    It's Georgia... very funny first email... but judging by the comments on the second one... I wish I knew how to speak/read Malay... damnit!! What did I do all that time that I was over there?!?!


  24. ramlee tenkiu veli much

    georgia hey babe!!! so good to hear from you! i miss you loads. do come back to malaysia lah or shall i go over down under?

    anyways, keep in touch!

  25. wau =) why i never get this kinda letter de..LOL!

  26. Errpp..Jiji, i saw a spiderweb here...


  27. godammit woman!...berjanggutlah!...brape lama daa mau update!

    ps/ i hope u didn't forget the life jacket for my souvenir!!!!!!!!!

  28. oi. bulu i dah tumbuh, i dah cukur, dah tumbuh, i dah cukur, dah tumbuh bla bla bla and you still tak apdet. what is the happening? you no happening la like this!

  29. jiji..edlan dah nak masuk sekolah menengah dah oiiiiii....

  30. jiji
    where have u been aaa??

  31. saya berasa malu apabila membaca nya. jiji kemanakah kamu? mengapa senyap tiada berita?

  32. hello kengkawan... iyolah.. nanti makcik update...

  33. jiji juju jojo

    saw you kat digital mall, PJ. tgh beli scanner. nak scan tetek ehhhhhhhh... nak nak gambar. full resolution 3000 dpi please. thank youusss.

  34. hey tareh.. sure thing beb! naper tak tegur? i leh kasi you ramas!

  35. Goodness...

    How long have you had this blog Jiji! How come I know nothing of it? I feel so left out :(

    Now I can stalk you with ease. Fanmails and what not.

  36. p.s My malay ain't great and I may not understand fully the content of those fan-mails but that is totally foul!!! Such combination of words just trigger repulsion within me....!!!


  37. tercia darling this blog is so oldskool and dead as a door knob.. so malu.. i'll keep it updates soon xx

  38. jiji really is dead.

    i see la la

    update lah cepat!

  39. the only tumbleweed i see is around your vagina OOoOOooo no she diddddn't hehe