Tuesday, June 13, 2006

memory loss

in case you forgot how we all look like.. here's a picture of us after the 3 young contemporaries show at valentine willie.

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  1. the other day i went paintballing with KC and Will. KC's a bit of a girl isnt he?
    he he. a cute, cute adorable girl.

  2. omg
    you are so cute

    eh ji
    punyalah banyak post..
    i dinch know which one to comment at
    so i chose this one
    coz its yang paling atas

  3. zeeka yes yes he is sooooo sweet! i hope the live happily ever after

    superdzu thanks man.. you're a true blue friend! periwinkle blue!

  4. hi jiji..i love the way u carry urself..actually, i am really shy with myself because of my figure...but whenever i look at ur pic, u make me realize that we are beautiful in our own way kan??

    Honestly,i feel more confident now..u rawk la jiji..thank you..

  5. anon awww aren't you the sweetest!! although being slimmer is on my To Do list, i feel that being beautiful inside is what really counts < i'm still working on that!

    ((sorry for being corny!))

  6. erk..that anon was me actually

    i'm going to gym for free trial today..let see whether i can make myself slim or not..hehheeheh

    p/s:i love ur cuppacakes..harga naik tak? i bought ur cuppacakes last month..sedapppppp sgtttt..hehehe

  7. that bloke pakai baju hijau tu familiar sikit...die rock star ke?

  8. silent-no-more wheeee! best tak gi gym? bet kan!! jom kita pergi gym togethergether! sign up cepat2

    ps do you hef a blog?

    anon a.k.a abang syem dia tu bukan rockstar.. dia tu shitstar (tahi bintang) muehehehe

  9. silent-no-more lupa lak.. harga cuppacakes is rm60 untuk 50 biji yang enak lazat dan berkhasiat!

  10. i dont have any blog. i layan friendster jer..hehehe..meh i add u nak??

    hari tuh nak sign up tp tak terjadik la plak :p ...which gym did u go? maybe i can join u..takpon kita pegi jogging bersama2 la..tp sempat ker? main problem i skang ialah,nak kurus tp malas nak bergerak..camna??heheheh

  11. silent-no-more friendster pun friendster la.. :D janji dapat kawan baru.. yahoo

    i gi gym fitness first. yang mana2 pun boleh. tapi bab jogging tu i takleh kerna i nye lutut belah kiri tu lemah sikit. so i kena jog atas bendo yang springy tu.. rubber padded jogging track

  12. silent-no-more eh silap.. lutut + tumit belah kanan

  13. ohh ok...gimme ur email..i nak add u..yay yay jiji is now my friend..hahhahah

  14. silent-no-more jiji_is@yahoo.com btw, nama you apa? nak panggil cik silent ke cik no-more?