Sunday, September 30, 2012

another singapore escape

hiya luvs!

what can i say... i love going back to singapore! anyway, after my last trip down south to singapore, my girlfriends and i decided to go for the harry potter exhibition in singapore. it so happens that it was the same weekend as the F1 races there. so, we had a 'cool' alibi! hahahaha yep, we're big kids at heart.

what i loved most about this trip even though it was a road trip. i forgot how much the girls and i would start gabbing away about everything; from my girlfriend's wedding preparation to 'what if..' questions, as well as our countdown of top ten most unobtainable celebrity crushes, mine being javier bardem and jeffrey dean morgan *drools on keyboard*

we drove to johor (most southern state before the singapore border) and spent a night there before heading across the border in the morning. fizzy wanted to visit her old alma mater, tun fatimah college which is one of the most oldest all-girl boarding schools. the security guard let us in and we had a blast listening to fizzy's stories of her time there.

all in all, we had a good weekend. not a relaxing one by far but a nice time being ourselves again.

enjoy the pics!


*warning* uber heavy picture post :P

multicoloured dress from a random boutique in bali
black sunglasses from parkson
gladiator sandals by nose
hasting bag in burnt orange by jaeger
watch by guess (circa 1994)

below are stolen pictures from munirah and fizzy

Friday, September 28, 2012

universal studios, singapore! . part 2

hiya luvs!

holycrap! i'm in such a singapore state of mind, it's like i'm working for their tourism board! well, this is part two of my singapore sprint blogpost.

i should add that i'm planning a trip to singapore again for the harry potter exhibition. and by the time you read this, i would be back in KL :) yeah, thats how we roll!

back to the blogpost. i had a fantastic time there y'all! yes, it was hot. yes, it was humid. by the midday, my niece and my hair which was styled in waves earlier, looked like full blown tumbleweed due to the humidity. awesome!

the best ride there i thought was the transformers ride, madagascar ride and jurassic park. we were on a circular boat type thing for the jurassic park. and each quarter sits 3 people. so my little niece was paired up with this young couple. by end of the ride, i saw her clutching on to the lady next to her! godbless that lady likes children, even shrieking wet ones! lol

well, enjoy the pics!

oops, this will be a photo heavy post!
wish you were here
long white tshirt top with hoodie by bhs
black leggings by h&m
black & neon yellow trainers by nike
hasting bag in burnt orange by jaeger
watch by guess (circa 1994)

and courtesy of my 6 year old nephew who went snap-happy in the sesame street souvenir shop