Wednesday, September 19, 2012

lotions and potions

hiya luvs!

my eldest niece, qamra, got me one of those beauty box subscription for my birthday. it was by a malaysian company called fabulousfinds.

i'm not much of a beauty product reviewer but i do enjoy testing them out and reading reviews by others. i dislike writing negative reviews of a product, so i shall focus on the product i like :)

comes with a personal note from my niece :)

the products i liked out of all the samples is the burt's bees - sensitive daily moisturising cream

picture knicked from the interwebs

i have oily skin. not just the t-zone, but every square inch of my face is oily. not only is it oily, but after turning 30 (now i'm 36) it has grown sensitive.

this moisturizer is heaven sent for me. the sample was so good, i went out and bought myself a full size bottle (it also helped that i was given a RM10 off voucher to sweeten the deal) !

the burt's bees sales girl at klcc explained that i could return the empty bottle back to the shop on the 31st of each month and receive a 10% discount on your next purchase. i thought that was a good enticement to buy their product again :)

a little goes a long way
calms the redness i had before and left skin matte
it mattifies my skin and also hydrates it all day. i used to find myself extremely shiny after an hour but using this, my face doesn't get so shiny that fast. it's also great under makeup. i use this before applying my concealer and powder foundation.

hope this helps a little.


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