Monday, April 20, 2009


this is my life in stevenage, hertfordshire.

ok so i'm not very wordy lately. i'm just enjoying the little pleasures. walk in the countryside, a pint of cider, waking up in the morning..

until next time~


  1. ji..
    they are both so cute!!
    apa they panggil you?
    i command you to please update this blog regularly.
    and this stevenage place looks very cold and mcm out of a storybook.
    say hi to everyone for me :)

    p/s: miss u!

  2. hey babe....

    the kids are gorgeous...obviously as gorgeous as you!
    i miss you so much. im so bookmarking this page.
    will schedule a webcamdate with u and the kids soon.
    muahh muaah...
    regards to sherri and everyone.