Sunday, February 27, 2011

late night desserts

hiya luvs!

no. the title isn't a euphemism for a 'booty call'. my neighbour, ina loves to bake. and usually i will get a seductive mms to my phone from her. its usually a close up shot of what she baked and followed up by a call... "do you like what you see? come and get it." yes. kinky, i know.

but all her baking is done at night. i had to traipse over three houses down (a bit ridiculous to take the car). looking like someones housekeeper lurking about at night, i was on a mission to 'get some'. hah! too many sexual innuendos.

it was worth the two slices of chocolate hazelnut pie. oh yes! more more!

my journey began:




jiji is a happy bunny.


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  1. Someone is gonna 'get some' later, with the presence of alcohol.