Sunday, January 15, 2012

bleach and dyes

hiya luvs!

it's been awhile since i coloured my hair other than black or dark brown. i used to have vivid hues but i got tired of it. also the appearance of grey hairs made me want to cover them up immediately to cheat time!

this year, i craved for something different. i wanted a warm shade. a brown, red, ginger and blonde mix -a bsolutely no black! lol after bleaching some bits to a brassy burnt orange, i added 3 different colours and voila! the new hair came to existence :)

i'm having a bit of fun adjusting my makeup and clothes with this new look. loving the change.


pics by ina

shorts from marks & spencer
top from zara men

Saturday, January 14, 2012

80th birthday parties

hiya luvs,

sorry i've been a bad blogger but i had nothing to write about in november and come december, i was too busy to sit down and organize my pictures.

i'm the youngest of 3 siblings. my elder sister and brother are married with kids. i grew up about 10 years apart from my first born niece. i wasn't fond of her at first lol. i was very much pampered by the grown ups until she arrive and stole my thunder lol but i grew to love all of them so much and became very much attached. i remember the times i used to shuttle them around when i got my driving license. it was mostly to extra-curricular classes like computer, piano, violin, cello - the list goes on. eventually i even followed them clubbing! ...when they we're of age (well kinda lol) and now they're working. how time flies...

my dad turned 80 on boxing day and we had a glorious time celebrating it. it was great that all my nieces and nephews, brother, sister and spouses, were around to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday. we had it at his favourite place in the world - the golf club. he used to live there i swear! he doesn't golf any more but he does go on the treadmill of the gym a few times a week.

happy birthday ishak.

enjoy the pics!


ps. this is my 80th post! how's that for coincidence!
photos by naz

my family
3 generations
with extended family
the sirens lol
with she-who-stole-my-thunder
with youngest member of the motley crew
my mum
dress from monsoon