Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a slow start

hiya luvs!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! both calendars; chinese lunar and western. tis been a slow start to the new year as i reeled it in with a bbq with munirah and her family, and i was expecting to keep it that way until i turned into a dwarf from middle earth, had 2 days to arrange a birthday dinner for my sister, and a last minute trip to the east coast of malaysia..

yup, i had to dress up as a dwarf from middle earth. a group of us booked a cinema and dressed up as characters from the hobbit. ofcourse i had other costume choices, like my sis became an elf; in a long billowing gown with a wig, (which my niece wore as well) but i thought it would be fun and actually quite easier to be a dwarf! on the day before the event, i went out and got myself a fake beard and borrowed a toy axe from my nephew. easy-peasy!

also, just after new year it was my sister's birthday. at the beginning when she was asked if she wanted to celebrate, the answer was a no.. well the closer the date, the answer seemed to have changed to a yes. ofcourse i had to help arrange for it.  in *48 hours* we managed to have a nice little birthday dinner. tired but relieved everything went alright.

and bam! you're in february. it was festive time in malaysia. chinese new year is a nice time to plan for a short trip. "PLAN"  being the operative word, which means to "decide or arrange something IN ADVANCE" which ofcourse, is unheard of in my family. and in *48 hours*, we were packed and sardined in our road trip ride on a very heavily trafficked highway to the east coast of malaysia i.e kuantan. we managed to wrangled a booking at the hyatt somehow, it was uber-peaked season.

time not only flies, i think it has turbo thrusts too.

somehow there's a repetitive pattern here for 2013, it's 'last minute or nothing!' oh my, i wonder what other challenges awaits...

enough of the chitter chatter, picture time!

jijimli daughter of gloin

celebrated new years eve with one of my dearest friends, munirah,
whom i met about 18 years ago online!

many thanks ina for being my neighbourly neighbour xx

picture stolen from ina

picture stolen from ina
black see-through tee from h&m mens
blue skirt from primark
black & gold belt from warehouse
spikey gold bangle from eight
white bangle with mirrors from h&m
earrings folie folie

exit dragon, enter snake

ang pow lei?
highway traffic madness...
...but so worth it

beach holidays : someone always gets buried

hope 2013 has been kind to you xx


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