Wednesday, December 14, 2005

we are family

this particular entry is dedicated to my beloved siblings - my sister sheri + my brother jal.

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sheri + me

lets begin with sheri. shes my favourite. ever since i could remember i always wanted to be with and be like my sister. shes so sweet + bubbly + smart. she has a huge smile that overwhelms her tiny frame. shes completely positive all the time, like a miniature cheerleader.. until she started to teach me piano. and then she turned into a evil nasty perfectionist! i did not enjoy kena tengking so i faked being busy with homework eventhough i didn't go to school yet..

after a few years, my mum arranged for me to have piano classes with a lady in bangsar whom i believe to have been intoxicated during each class. she would always excuse herself to make a cuppa + whatever rubbish i played seemed to receive wonderful comments from her.

after her, i had another lady piano teacher in ampang jaya. the boy who had the class before me would come up looking pale + wished me good luck. she was ferocious! she would walk around me like a vulture with a wooden ruler in her hand. like a sick dominatrix with menopause.

but all in all i realized that sheri has her heart in the right place + was looking out for me. atleast she wasn't drunk or cranky during our short-lived piano class.

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jal + me

as for my brother jal, he was my element of excitement. he always had his group of friends over. and boys will be boys, i'd listen to their conversations peppered with 'bad language'. eventually i knew the effects those naughty words had when i used them.. "ya allah!! siapa ajar jiji tu?!? astaghfirrullaaahhh....." said mum.

i always begged my brother to take me on his bicycle. it was one of those racing bikes that went really realy freaking fast. i was 4 at the time so it felt like lightspeed. i tried copying his riding skills but ended up in the drain with my tricycle on top of me.

he also invented this horrible game where he'd chase me around the house + tickled me til i wet myself. not funny jerk! oh yeah + there was this spitting game (i won't go into details) + the dirty underpants/slingshot game! he is SICK!! but he did make life a hellafun!

love you both so very much!



  1. eh come your brother and sister macam muka manusia? and you macam kingkong????
    hahahaha...jgn marah ji.
    i love you.
    jom main underwear slingshot tu kat office!!!!!

  2. pretending to do homework when not in school yet; smart.
    buried under tricycle in drain; classic. unwashed underwear slingshot; priceless. there are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's err, money...

  3. eh ji...your picture with your brother explains everything...i think your brother dropped you...sebab tu you dungu!

  4. Awww so sweet...
    Aiyo Dzu and Doofus jahat la.
    *spank spank*

  5. you drugged your teaher's tea so she would compliment you wouldn't she? you naughty, naugthy girl.

  6. hey stolen car , amende teaher???