Tuesday, January 17, 2006


i pity the fool.. who's fat like me. however i’ve been going to the gym for over six months and have lost about 14kgs and hell yes i'm pleased. i was actually conned into joining the gym by my niece nadja. "awww please jeej. i don't wanna join the gym alone. *insert puppy dawg eyes* just join it! i will even PAY for your registration fee. besides, it will only be for three months.." repeat that sentence say about fifteen to thirty times a day. i gave in and now i'm hooked. my trainer jackie is the bitchiest trainer ever spawned by satan! i swear she's a friggin' nazi. i've been on her taufoo diets, avoid snacking after eight pm and do 5mins = >1000m on level seven on the damn friggin' rower machine from hell. i can do the cross trainer, the stepper and the treadmill (no hal) but when it comes to the rower, piss f*ckin' off!! arghhh!

however, i must say i am delighted with the steady weight loss.. so i must keep it up to fulfill my life long ambition : to dress like a cheap and trashy ho like christina aquilera.. don't be hating y'all.

so thanks bitches! (yeah nadja + jackie)

enjoy the pix!

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jackie + sam

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freaky + me

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jackie being harassed by freaky

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baller pose

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my niece nadja doing her push ups (on toes man.. respect!)


  1. ".....so i must keep it up to fulfill my life long ambition : to dress like a cheap and trashy ho like christina aquilera.."
    >> howdy 'ho'!
    guess what..dah lama you fulfilled this ambition of yours...sudah sekian lama mata saya dirogol dgn sexy outfits anda..dan your lurah dendam dah lama jadik bestfren saya.
    kwe kwe kwe

  2. your trainer tak nampak garang pun. i hope your dream to be kurus and dress like christina come true too. tak sabarnya nak tengok kak jiji kurus!!!

  3. supardzu anak lelaki suparman : ohhh sia sia ko tanya aku kat opis (sebelah i lagi tu) camner nak spell "kwe kwe kwe" rupa-rupanya nak guna dalam sindiran attack i! ciss jebat

    stolencar : kurus ke tak kurus kakjiji tetap cun awright!