Friday, January 27, 2006

getting to know me

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hi again! i'm joining the bandwagon and creating a "20 things you didn't know about me" list but all this soul searching has made me rethink the title. so the current title is :

20 things i didn't know about myself

1. i always feel self-concious. eventhough it doesn't seem so, it's probably because i'm faking it or i'm drunk

2. i find pronouncing 'enamel' and 'vinyl' hard

3. i've come to realize that if i really like somebody, i WILL NEVER tell him. and if my friends ask me why, i'll tell them its because i'm shy but actually i'm too proud.

4. back in college i reversed in to a parked pajero in bangsar. my friends said leave a note with your name and number. what i really wrote on that note: I'M SORRY

5. i bought a posh looking watch when i was studying in london but it was too small so i gave it to one of my bestfriends as a birthday present. she loved it and used it every single friggin' day for eight years.

6. everytime i see a dead cat i feel really sad and angry

7. i have a phobia of crossing roads
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8. when i sleep i must have one or both hands under my pillow

9. i catch my cats fleas with a masking tape

10. i sometimes listen to country music and enjoy it

11. if i meet someone i know but i can't remember their names, i usually introduce that person to my friend example : "hey! long time no see! *blow air kisses* please meet my friend brad.." and then ofcourse the 'phantom friend' would say "please to meet you brad. i'm samdol" hey presto!

12. i have no eyebrows < freak accident involving a chainsaw and some vaseline
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13. the first time i snuck my car out on the main road (before i had a legit driving licence) i went down a hill in gear one and the car made such a loud noise i thought i broke it

14. i love dark chocolates.

15. i must be fed on time, if not i get cranky and i'll start dissing you and your momma!

16. i make my nieces and nephews call me by my first name. they're forbidden to call me aunty

17. bila mamat afrika kacau i kat klcc i selalu cakap "thank you (in broken inggeris) i no speak inggeris" (translated to BM incase any mamat afrika dari klcc terbaca)

18. i can't control my laughter. sometimes i laugh so hard, tears come rolling down my cheeks and/or i'll piss myself (almost)

19. i practice walking in heels at home and in the office sometimes when i feel like it

20. i like to wet my feet when i am taking a shit therefore theres always a patch of water infront of the toilet.

the end!!!!!!!!

man! i'm beat.


  1. haha jiji..bodoh!
    i like number 4, 11, 17 and 20.
    yang lain tu semua i dah tau dah.

    this post is funny.
    anugerah hari ni dapat kat u..ok???

  2. eh comment i hari ni macam sound baik je.
    mana boleh!!

    so..fuck u jiji!

  3. funny. but u forgot one. 'im in love with ifzan so much that i sometimes bite his hair' i have proof.

  4. lame pun lame lah....
    janji i tak takut cross jalan.,
    tu barulah lame!!!
    patutlah you tak pass jadik polis trafik!
    kesian bapak u.. bayar yuran punyalah mahal.

  5. hey hey hey cik dzu! whats up with the profanity?? chillax biatch.. thanks for the award but i must say your 20 things list is pretty lame! word!

    hey hey mr ifzan, you got me. sometimes i run, sometimes i hide, sometimes i'm afraid of you but all i really want is to hold you tight.. yeah right freakshow!

  6. sudahlah cik dzu! kalau u brani sangat, jom lah cross jalan. let me pick when and where.. litar f1 sepang during racing day

  7. wet your feet? darn that's odd..

  8. i like to get naked when i shit. dem liberating. whatever.

  9. wet ur feet in the loo? tak penah dibuat dek org. u do tht even in public toilet eh?

  10. oreos > i like eating you

    cik pms > bila next time u nak berak call i yek. aku nak intai kau

    cik pijah > kat public toilet takleh la basah kasut i kang

  11. you pervert you.
    kam la i want to shit now.
    eeeuughhh euughhhh plop!

    oi! apdet la oi!!
    dah tak larat dah knowing you ni..

  12. laa.. ye ke? i tot u got sorok a pair of selipar jepun in ur handbeg to change whenever u go to the loo. btw.. i like ur hendbeg.. damn cantek! me jeles!

  13. wey jiji...since your in indonn i mean....i sincerely want to order 2 box krispy kreme kay....tanye asam...he knows which goddman flava i like ..k freak..pis aut hoochy momma! salam kat pam and dolly..i'm sure they like british cold weather....!

    cheers from malaysia sake!

  14. kat public toilet, never i buat no.2 if i dont have :
    1. sabun..(sabun di bilik mandi sabun..)
    2. sabun (any brand will do)
    3. sabun (no sabun.. no no.2..posponed berak!!)
    4. tisu..

  15. oi!!!
    apdet! apdet!
    dontch go telling me go london baby no story to tell.