Friday, March 10, 2006

my bloody monday

hello peeps. i am back from london via dubai via spain via singapore. its been a month since i left the office and i am dissapointed to find that the 'children' of click a.k.a dzu and ifzan and hanis remains the same.. they still need a class monitor.

my holiday was fabulous and i wish i was still on it. however i won't be sharing my holiday pictures just yet. but i will be sharing with you the 'monday morning incident'. this is an excerp from an email i sent to my nieces this morning :

dear darlings

i don't know if you heard about the 4am attacked. my poor cats were brutally attacked by stray dogs. those vicious dogs broke into our compound and started attacking my babies who were locked up in their cage. those damn dogs pushed the cage and broke it into two! two of my babies escaped (jojo and smoky) but it was the fatter ones that were trapped. yuni came out first with tok's golf stick and started to smack those dogs. she said she got a shock of her life seeing our babies being bitten by dogs. rocco had two dogs gnawing each of his paws!! niki was dragged around like a ragdoll. we couldn't find missy and feared the worse.. when i came down the dogs were running for their lives and niki and rocco dissappeared up the mango and rambutan tree. we tried coaxing them down for 45 minutes but they were too scared. finally rocco decided to jump. i carried him inside. i was covered in cat blood and poo but i didn't care. he was trembling! after we pulled niki down we made our way to the nearest vet that opened early (in setapak) they said it was serious so i had to take them to UPM (universiti pertanian malaysia - veterinary hospital) so i went back home to pack up some stuff for them and change to tok's car coz the hospital is far. its near to alice smith. when yuni and i were about to go, we heard missy. she came limping from our neighbour's yard. her hind leg wasn't moving..
at the hospital, the doctor was very nice and she told me she was concerned about missy and that they may have to amputate! i was so crushed. i told the doc to do whatever is neccesary but please don't put them down. so that was monday morning. today is friday and the doctor called me last night and said that they were stable but they need a lot of TLC. missy has to wear a collar and niki and rocco still have wounds but its all clean but slightly swollen.

anyway, i'm attaching some pics of them. none gross type because i know you guys can't take it.

Image hosting by Photobucket
poor niki

Image hosting by Photobucket
poor poor niki

Image hosting by Photobucket
niki's injured leg

Image hosting by Photobucket
rocco not being himself

Image hosting by Photobucket
gnawed to the bone

also nadja, i've bought you a gorgeous wallet!!!!!! i nearly took it as my own. its from dubai. loads os compartment.. a designer too! i know you like to flaunt.

and qamra, please take care of yourself and your lodgings. the rats may just come and stay for good!

ps - my hair is short and straight and black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you both


  1. i feel for you jiji!!!
    *amik tissue lap air mata*

    and whats with the class monitor?
    bladi hell!

  2. dzurina dzulkhaini! i don't like that tone! so unlady like..

  3. ok how about this..

    BladddI hELL!

    musical enough?
    eh jiji..jom lah gi lil black book.
    i want to get something there.

    p/s : your kasut very nice.

  4. cikKetuaDarjahSatuAnggerik,
    oh. sedih sedih.. kesian kucing2 itu. kasi hempaps itu anjing 2-3 rounds.. then don't forget to samak ok!
    welkam bek!!

  5. sorry about ur cats.

    i hope they get well soon.

    *sedih la*

  6. huwaaa
    sooo sedeyyy

    psst i tau dzu sedey tak ikhlas sebab dia mana ske kusing.

    huwaaaa sedey balik

    u stay strong kay..

  7. dear cikpijah join lah i hempap hanjing tu.. then we samak2 tugedergeder pakai bikini kat kalompang

    dear toooots eh tenkiu tenkiu. uhu ahem *salam tangan* how do you do? i is fine tenkiu. nice to meet you!

    yay yay dapat kawan baru!

    dear cik PMS eh jgn sedey2 pasal kucing2 i.. derma duit cukup lah.. e e e tak malu..

  8. I'm curious as to how the dogs managed to get into your compound. Take good care of your cats ler.

  9. chi those damn dogs used their navy seals training to infiltrate my compound.. duh! strays are strays and they will squeeze into your crack if they want to ;-P