Tuesday, March 14, 2006

inquisitive dzu

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for my old friend, dzu

dear dzu,
i can't believe you tagged me to do this! well i did it! and during office time too! so here you go! another youths life wasted answering your many questions..

1. three names you go by
a) manbai
b) ac mizal
c) rosyam

2. three screen names you've had
a) awek gersang JB
b) cik KIA
c) abg hensem puchong

3. three things you like bout yaself
a) i am a girl
b) i am a malaysian
c) i am so darn cute

4. three things you dont like bout yaself
a) i am a girl
b) i am a malaysian
c) i am too damn cute

5. three parts of your heritage
a) half cannibal
b) one third cannonball
c) one fifth canoe

6. three things that scare you (or mostly creeps you out)
a) insects with more than four legs
b) being broke
c) running out of eyebrow pencil

7. three of your everyday essential
a) water
b) deodorant
c) eyebrow pencil

8. three things you're wearing right now
a) blue blouse
b) khaki pedal pushers
c) hush puppies

9. three of your favorite bands (or artist at the moment)
a) peterpan
b) black eye peas
c) any techno jinjang music they play in the gym

10. three of your favorite songs*
a) today - smashing pumpkins(the original SP)
b) bintang di surga - peterpan
c) cannonball - breeders
* this list actually fluctuates like nobody's business!

11. three new things you'd like to try in the next 12 months
a) pilates
b) golf
c) a digital perm

12. three things you want in a relationship (love included in the package)
a) stability
b) humour
c) comfort

13. two truths and a lie
a) i love cats
b) i use to have a pet dog
c) i use to have a pet gerbil

14. three people who have to take this quiz now or die painfully.
a) my form 4 science teacher, cik rohana, who single handedly made my life (and all my classmates) a living hell (man, what would i give to find out what makes her tick - that psycho)
b) the old man in a white lexus who gave me the finger (i used my blinkers you fool! who asked you to drive at light speed on tun razak during rush hour??) pandai pandai.. mampos lah engkau!
c) those damn strays who attacked my cats! i know they can't type so may they die painfully

rgds, jijixx


  1. 6. three things that scare you (or mostly creeps you out)
    a) insects with more than four legs
    b) being broke
    c) running out of eyebrow pencil

    actually i pun takut if you run out of this.
    macam makhluk dari planet eunos.
    eeeee gerun siot...


  2. congratulations on being very funny.

  3. hi kak jiji..

    kak jiji sehat? adik pun sehat. kak jiji dah makan? adik pun baru je lepas makan. kak jiji dah berak? adik belum lagi. insyallah, kejap lagi adik berak.

    sampai sini dulu ye, nanti kalau ada kelapangan adik type lagi. wasalam.

  4. superdzu oh yeah ya lil shit! i think that i look hot with or without eyebrows! run little brown haired girl run!

    ifzan where's ma award nigz?

    cik puan muda stress apa formal2 nih? nak practice jadi menantu yang baik ke? too late kehkehkeh

  5. oh abang puchong hensem!

    ku cintak kamuk!

    omg im still ketawaing.

    ohmyohmyohmy yes yes twud be a nightmare to run out of eyebrow pencil!!!


  6. u ada anak lelaki baya i ke?
    muda sket pun takpe...
    but then again, you cukup tua ke nak ada anak sebaya i?
    kalau dzu tu i caya la..

  7. bladihell pms!

    i will terajang you!


  8. HAHAH! AC Mizal konon.....

    Taik kotek busyuk beb.

  9. tooootssss eh you pernah ajak i a.k.a abg puchong hensem cyber dulu kan? kan? i remember your nick was toootssss_berahi!! fuyohhhhh best giler! sampai terpatah eyebrow pencil! keh keh keh

    cik puan muda stress anak jantan? i dun hef! you want i carik for you? local or import? got from bangladesh or myanmar. you choose.

    tareh alim those aren't real!

    kinkypugkevin naper? jeles ke? you nak jadi ac mizal gak? let's share.