Monday, March 20, 2006


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dear friends,

rocco, the baby of the litter died on saturday, 18th March 2006 at 1:45pm. he has been buried next to his mama's (kyra - also died from a dog attack) grave. only eight days shy of his one year birthday. he was a very clumsy baby, always banging into grills. he loved climbing up the nangka tree outside our kitchen window. his favourite past time was to take a nap in toilets, under the sink. due to that particular habit, he has seen all of us (mum, dad + me) naked. he had lead a very fulfilled life. he was our clown. clumsy yet entertaining. we will miss you so very much.

love always,
mama jiji, tok mama, tok, jojo, missy, smoky + nikixx

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damn those dirty dogs

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  1. sob sob....... kill those dirty dawgs! i love you rocco.

  2. babi lah itu gang anjing kurap!

    i dont like cats but i feel for you ji.

    eh rocco pernah tgk korang bogel?
    maybe itukah sebabnya???
    something to tihnk about ji.

  3. ifzan i will be needing your assistance for project rocco's revenge

    superdzu no lah.. where got! his life was filled with sweet memories of naked humans..

  4. erra wegra! first time you datang visit my blog!! welkam!! very sad i know. nanti we go out and you cheer me up k?

  5. aiyo.. sad the very one. Kena revenge nih! Bila? Di mana? Bagaimana?

  6. i calonkan u masuk rancangan Bersamamu kat TV3 tu..

    apa? binatang pun takleh ada kesah sedih ke?

    takpe...i kan keje production line skang. nanti i introduce kesah u ni kat producer dia..

    RIP Rocco.

  7. i'm sure rocco's happy in pussy-land...i know i will! =)

  8. cinta sejati!!!


    hi wegra!

    oh...hi jiji
    lupa ni blog yew.
    i lap yew like boy george loves his makeup

  9. psssttt

    dengar citer abizan duk kat opis ngelamun pasal wegra. betui kaa? hang kan monitor, share la beghita hangat sket.

    hi dzu!

  10. cikpijah nanti ji bentangkan kertas kerja berjudul "projek penyondolan jubur anjing liar haram kejadah" so watch this space

    cikpms ok let me know bila shooting start and i'll prep the other cats untuk reenactment

    syamly dok main your wife's pussy jer la

    dzurina tak boleh! you kena bayar RM10,000 kalau tidak i'm gonna drag your ass to court! ((chewah cam wardina ngan mydin))

    cikpms its true! i think he's in love. dia buat tattoo baru on his upper arm. so now it reads:
    ifzan loves :
    wegra x

  11. ha?
    abijan ske kenny sia?
    woot woot

    tu bukan ex you ke ji?

  12. superdzu no that's jon jonsson la. bukan ke you pernah kena tangkap khalwat ngan kenny kat hotel jln tunku abdul rahman?

    weet weet

    jgn mareeee

  13. its been a long time jij.
    when are chu chumming back ere?
    kesian ur strong yah.
    lain kali kalu anjing kuraps tu dtg balik u know who to call "Thundercats"

  14. jahat nya anjeng anjeng ittew.
    i say u slather the doggies' tails with meat sauce and let them gnaw themselves to death.

    rip rocco.
    may u find happiness in cat heaven
    along with all the other kitty katties who have long passed.

    bak kata gorillaz,
    "don't get lost in heaven"


  15. ehem,
    dont mean to be rude and all y'all.

    but PLEASE APDET!!

  16. darth maza i tak de number thundercats la.. i ade number thundercrap and thunder thighs jer.. hook me up babeh!

    toooootsi speak cat language jer.. bahasa gorrilaz cam ner?? acah je..

    cik pms so i lied! semalam dah lage tetek cukup la... idup sukan lagetetek!!