Thursday, April 20, 2006

lights camera + here's johnny

i love launches. its like tasting free cookie samples from mrs. fields or all the flavours from baskins but better. i went to maison last night with my nieces nadja + qamra in tow. upon arrival it felt like oscar night but wetter. firstly, there was the infamous red carpet and then there was a massive camera (like you'd see spielberg use) on the biggest tripod ever (correction, it wasn't a tripod, it was like those cranes you see at constructions sites) rotating 360ยบ. and then there was this huge massive screen which showed whatever the cameras were filming (and every friggin' pore on yer face mate!). makes you feel just like a movie star. so after feeling so glamourous, i caught a glimpse of myself in the glass; i am oh-so-not dressed like a starlet. so who cares right? as long as i am comfortable i will have a good time i thought. however, as i entered i saw ladies dressed in friggin' gowns! muthafuc! everyones dressing up to the max??! then i realized that those were models dressed in haute couture and its just part of the festivities. chilakak tul - phew

found my crew a.k.a the kayu ara posse that consists of dzu, hanis and azam (returning member). ifzan the president was missing. and also was present was the wangsa maju duo; ena and syamly. dzu looked good (its about time girl). she felt she was too casual but i thought she looked cool ((sila kembang)).

anyway, props for the free booze and familiar faces and a big fat boo to the guy in black who yelled out "cantik tasbeh" to me. hey if i need a fashion commentor, it won't be from you jackass! you johnny cash wannabe.

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  1. eh tapi tasbeh u semalam memang cantik.
    i dig.
    not dig kubur.
    i dig your tasbeh necklace.

    fyi, i had fun.
    like totally man.

    your nieces are cute.
    r u sure you are related to them?

  2. ceh.. i've noticed you eyeing my chest area all night. i thought it was my boobies that caught your attention you lesbo you..

  3. eii tak malu nya syamly nak cium2 pompuan di jalanan..

    and yeah, i caught dzu looking down my shirt once. she was checking out my boobs then. u sure ke dia gunakan tasbih you tu sebagai alasan?

    all i'm sayin' mate,bukan betul sangat sexual orientation budak dzu tu...

  4. omg! i got the same remark from some retard before coz i'm soo into necklaces. i was like if you dont know jack bout style & fashion shut the fark up laa kan?

    btw,your "tasbih" is uber cool!
    i like it!

  5. cikpms girl, i admit i pun pernah tengok your titties. they're gi-normous! (gigantic + enormous)

    babesomg back! like we totally must go necklace shopping together! whats up with these random hecklers in clubs? tetiba opinionated secara spontan..

  6. cik pms....i was drugged that night and jiji threaten kalau tak pose...she'll super-impose me with some white gay guy with whips!!!!

    ps...i memang muka tak malu..kalau i malu..dah lama pakai purdah dah

  7. hahaha! kurang asam tol. tasbeh tasbeh.

  8. akkk jiji!!
    not you tooo!!!
    dont cross over to the lesboside my fren. donnnntttt.

    hi syamly!
    cuba pakaikan edlan tudung. i rasa comel sangatt. apa? dia boy?

  9. Ah...yes we shall!!!
    Alaa,it's not just in clubs, kat office yang so-called-corporate pun sama...

    They just don't have the fashion sense like we do, dahlink!

  10. nasi lemak ada dalam mulut saya.

  11. ahmad syamly what do you mean "jiji will super-impose me with some white gay guy with whips!!!" bukan ke you dah ade one whole album gambar you ngan ifzan in your tighty whiteys? i think the title was 'saving ryan's privates'..

    cikpijah hi beb. hari tu i tak dapat jumpa you kat putrajaya.. cedey siut coz i miss youuuuuu tapi untuk mengubati luka di hati i gi shopping and beli sunglasses yang teramatlah cun for rm13. putrajaya rocks!

    cikpms ape tak nye?? been there done that and bought the teeshirt.. i was in an all girls school man!

    babes name the time and place! i'm on the look out for a navy blue handbag.. ade nampak memaner tak?

    kinkypugkev amboi! tak ajak yer.. eh mana gambar kite cium mulut?! three-way kiss inventors kekekeke

  12. Navy blue bag huh?
    I think i saw one in mango.
    It's not that big tho.

    Going for the nautical look,eh?;)

    Oh,i shud get my pay by today or tomorrow, then we can go... SHOPPING!!!