Wednesday, April 26, 2006

washington dc, canada

putrajaya is nice. its clean and big. makes you feel like you're in washington dc but with loads more asian tourists. even their pasar malam is clean. no roaches shopping alongside you like in some. loadsa food. no kidding y'all! a shitload of food. i had 3 types of keropok lekor and washed it down with a kebab daging! my tummy ached but we had a blast.

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to unwind for the weekend, llew was performing at alexis so kyan gathered us round : he is our shepard and we are but his sheep. met some beautiful new faces. models from canada! i'm happy to report that these models are super friendly nice people. perhaps because their canadian? < i have no idea what i meant by that.

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damn the battery of my camera for dieing on our kalumpang trip but thank goodness for syamly + dzu (our trips designated photographers). so go over to their blogs to see me beautiful pix..


  1. Wah,the pasar malam does look clean...

    & i lurveee the "celebrity" shots!

  2. babes memang clean! siap jual accessories tu! you tak de blog ke? i pun nak tegok gambar2 you..

  3. hey paris!

    eh silap silap..

    hey hairy belly!
    macam gambar taken from NW mag ngan HOT mag kan ji?
    man...we're good lah.
    secretly i think we REALLY are supermodels!

  4. dzu winfreywhat do you mean think??? we ARE!

  5. I do have,but mine aren't filled with super shots like yours and dzu's and shamly's and bizan's.

    I shy laa...tihihih...

    Gimme your email add. when i'm ready i'll give you the blog add. k?

  6. heya jiji....

    the celeb shots kelakas...i nearly ..i said!..nearly nak tergelak kekuat....tak nampak macam celebs la...nampak cam...maid indon kena tahan kekekekeke....trus i teringat..."oprah oprah....oh no..its morgan freeman!"..kweng kweng kweng...

  7. i baru nak comment on the celebrity-look-a-like pictures tu org kat atas nuuun dah comment dulu! hihhihi.. korang ni mmg pantang jumpa spek-itam-beso-murah ek?

  8. jealous ehhhhhhhh?

    hi pijah!
    mana atin?

  9. babes jangan malu.. malu rugi! my emails

    syamly who cares what you think teabag?! tapi mmg we are so the talented.. itu baru guna specs rm13 as a prop.. what can you do with that??

    cikpijah don't be hatin' y'all! we mmg pantang melaram.. itu baru spec murah yang oi! kalau specs original habislah korang.. paris + nikki kang! siap buat home-made porn!

  10. Never knew there was pasarmalam at Putrajaya - I only go to file Records of Appeal! *sigh.....

    Where have you been babes? Sent you like numerous text messages but no reply :(

  11. hahahaahaha..
    paparazi kejar korang ke?
    cayalah. impressive!!

    sila percaya.

  12. Jiji...don't wanna update ke?
    Dahlaa Dzu pun x update2 ni.


  13. veryneatmartini the pasar malam is very neat indeed!! welcome to my blog

    cikpms paparazzi putrajaya nih kejar orang lawa2 je

    babes updet updet.. mana blog you ahh.. ceh!

  14. hek eleh, g putrajaya tak sound. kalau tak leh dok nyibuk ;)

    celebrity shots - giler power weh! tapi, shot-shot sebegitu .. i rasa utk celebrity kena tangkap basah la :P hahaha

    nice meeting you during cuppacakes party.

  15. Jiji,

    if i reveal my super secret blog...pomise you'll update?

    hehehe...update yea?

  16. angel eyes hi! amacam baju you tu? dah hantar tailor? cun laaaaaaaaa!! eh bukan you, baju tu jer hehehehehe acah jer

    babes tawaran itu telah tamat tempohnya!!!!! muehehehehehe

  17. bertique papa lamb! sori! i ter-over look! wassup? dzu (kambing you) dah makan? nice meeting you too! next time i nak kenalan ngan haiwan2 ternakan you.. what say you??