Thursday, May 25, 2006

block b birthday

happy birthday trinz!

i had a blast. the sangria + moonshine was perfection. i hardly moved from the punch bowl/cooler. i wish i could use a drip to pump the booze straight into my veins. a perfect buzz

enjoy the pics

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*dzurina told me to state that she doesn't drink alcohol.. square!


  1. sponge dzu square pants in the house!

    oi ratu mabuk!
    i like your trina picture.

  2. ha! i love that pic too. she looks so cute right?

  3. Hi there..

    Stumbled upon your blog and I like the pix so much. Anyway, you are ex cbner non?

    and the pix are in DP's condo non?

    Love the cupcakes. Yummy!


  4. hi juicylicious! welcome to my blog + yes i am an excbner!

    the shining star of my life, you will always shine within me and throught me you will shine forthhhhhhh

    who are you?

  5. ...a new light others will follow..

    hehehe...didn't know u were one.

    Lemme guess...adele???

    p/s: you will always light the way laa,bukan you will always shine within me.

  6. babes u pun? jeez.. cbn tak exclusive lagi ka? hahahaha?! whatever

  7. Damn.. u still recalls the school song *lol*

    Anyway, I lead a low profile in high school...guess so! Still keeping the yearbook?! My mom chuck them away.. boo..

    Let's keep in touch!

  8. Hi! The cupcakes are so cute and look dee-lish. Would you mind telling me where you got them?

  9. juicylicious bet youre my junior. most of my batch i keep in touch with. but who knows.. maybe i left one out. keep in touch we shall

    froots order it from me! the cuppacakes are made to order designer cuppacakes.