Tuesday, May 3, 2011

being passive

hiya luvs,

we had a three day weekend and i mostly stayed at home. i recently subscribed to the local traffic updates via twitter and it has rendered me motionless. spews of traffic jam updates, all around me. not caring to be caught in the terrible slow moving crawl, i chose to laze and not venture far.

this has also been my modus operandi in life. being passive and not making the first move, taking the plunge, grabbing the bull by its horns etc... etc... having over thought of something too much that i opt out. too many times i have amitte occasionem that i feel the burden of regret and anguish.

however, i'm blessed with positive people around me and i'm thankful for that. they have more belief in me than i do in myself. it's about time i did and carpe diem.



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  1. I Sooooooooo know what you mean. I am the exact same way!! I am constantly over thinking things and coming up with all the negatives as to why I shouldn't do something. I did it about blogging but my husband really pushed me and now I am so thankful to him for that because I love it. I have met so many people. I can go any where in the world now and I can say I sorta know someone there! haha Thanks for following... now following you too. Kiah