Friday, May 6, 2011

good times

hiya luvs,

by the time you read this, i would be at my bestfriend's place in hongkong.

i went to the launch of vabene watches here in kl on wednesday night with my sis. having slept for only four hours the night before, i was if-fy if i would enjoy the party. en route to the event, it didn't feel like it was going to be a good night. parking was ridiculous with blood thirsty drivers - one empty parking spot, you'll see two cars out to claim it.

however having arrived at the venue, things got better. there were lots of lovely stylish people, chatting away and being friendly. socialites and local celebrities mingled. the designers for vabene came down from italy and were there on hand to talk about their designs and gave a brief history about these watches. i quite like their pirati collection (a skull and cutlasses on its face). it was a nice launch, small-ish but it had a relaxed and fun ambiance. the music was pretty good too. after my 3rd glass of wine, i was all set to boogie.

i didn't bring my camera as it was already packed in with all my other electronic thingamabobs. so i had to make do with my camera phone (although i did snap a few shots using my sister's camera, i didn't have time to take it off her. will update this entry with her pictures after i get back from hk.

enjoy the pics!




and pretty things that caught my eye




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  1. I totally NEED that white one! LOVES IT! Sorry that it was not all of that for you but it seems like a wonderful social event! Thank you for your sweet comment! Kiah