Sunday, July 1, 2012

quickfix at 36

hiya luvs!

i turned 36 yesterday. i got to have a lovely dinner with my girlfriends and karaoke'd (my most favourite past time!) it was one of those times when i just wanted to dress all girly and hang around with my girlfriends and be fabulous lol! i also wanted to have my favourite chocolate hazelnut tart for my birthday which was lovingly made by my darling neighbour ina. i told my girlfriends the theme was 'show some skin'.

my other girlfriend, weween, (who incidentally gave birth around 2 weeks ago) dug up one of her scooped-neckline dress and said now she can fill them nicely lol i.e. heaving boobies!

moon, my 'pillar of strength, drove all the way from johor which is about 4 hours away. tired and super busy she may be, she still managed to come looking the gorgeous minx she is!

thanks to all the lovely ladies who made my birthday extra special xx enjoy the pics!

luv, jijixx

picture (stolen) from ina
top from dorothy perkins (purposedly worn wrong way round)
light pink tanktop from h&m
light grey skirt from the reject shop
neon yellow bangle from h&m
handbag from valentino 
earrings gifted 


  1. You are the Miuccia of my fashion, Jamie of my food tasting, the spaceship whenever I need an escape and a Godmother’s wand that conjures chic-ass magic in my otherwise Plain Jane life. You’re one of the closest few near my heart & you deserve to be celebrated! And what a bonus that you’re just “around the bend”, neighbor! Love ya loads.

  2. Happy Birthday my friend!!! You look absolutely fantastic. Loving the smokey eye and fresh lip combo and the colour of your blouse and your sexy pins! Looking fresh to death Jiji!!!

    Tarte looks divine. You lucky girl....Looking forward to the day when I can come over and sing kareoke with you!

    Much love coming from Australia via Las Vegas ;)

    Mele xo

    1. hiya mele!

      thank you my polynesian princess! lol i don't even know if you are polynesian.

      enjoy your stateside vaycay!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to 36. Your right with me now kid! lol You look great. Love your hair! Kiah

    1. thank you kiah! let's rock this age xx