Friday, April 13, 2012

bouncy castle little monsters

hiya luvs,

in my last post i did mentioned about my littlest nephew Adam's 6th birthday two weeks ago. well, he is into moshi monsters and i decided to decorate the party with that as the theme. i wished it went a little smoother but oh well. we had it at the golf club again (our home away from home) and it was quite a challenge but well worth it.

i think for my birthday i would like a bouncy castle too.
enjoy the pics!


pics by ina

cupcakes by wondermilk

my niece, qamra, with her friends

with my mum

more pictures from our cameras:

birthday guy, adam

my niece maya

mum and son

score! a very tired aunty

with ina *thank you*
cardigan from h & m
top from peacocks
shorts from marks & spencer
earrings from folie folie

and on a sad note, jojo my cat, passed away early this morning. mama loves you always xx


  1. As a witness I'd like to correct about how the party go... it went great and everyone including the adults had a great time! Well done, Jiji, another successful party.

    I am so sorry to hear about Jojo, wonder what happened. Jojo, you were a beautiful cat and hope you're catching butterflies in heaven. Amen.

    1. you're a dream as a support 'group'.. if only we could wake up early and be more productive, we would have our own beetles :D

  2. oh my gosh Jiji organise my next birthday party!!!! Lil kids partying in style!! Look at that food. Loving your top too btw and Im also so very sorry about your cat :(

    Rest easy Jojo xo

    1. mel, the food were mainly for the grownups. the kids hardly touched it lol they were busy stalking the clowns and jumping on the bouncy castle :)