Friday, April 13, 2012

eating easter

hiya luvs,

happy belated easter! i was busy with a few projects that kept me away from updating my blog. also was in charge of my littlest nephews' birthday party. i had only 2 weeks notice, i know that may be a lot to some but not me lol.

well, let me update you with some family pictures of our easter lunch. i swear i was in a food coma that day. first, i brought my littlest niece and nephew to a friend sons' birthday in the morning and we gorged on cupcakes, chocolate mousse with rainbow sprinkles, tomato and mushroom bruschetta, spicy tuna pasta, mini burgers... and the list goes on. after that i went for the family easter buffet lunch. i was craving for some salmon lately and the spread was everything salmon! i had salmon, with a side of salmon lol i totally pigged out! i didn't have time to take pictures of the food - d'oh!

enjoy the pics!


cardigan from marks & spencer
top from wallis
trousers from jusco
floral flats from zara
heart/anchor neckalce (gifted) from topshop


  1. oh how did the birthday go? Any pics??? LOL I'm such a pictures whore...and your hair is growing so much! I'm so jealous considering my hair is at a ridiculously short length atm.

    Lots of love to you Jiji and Happy Belated Easter

  2. hiya mel,

    happy belated easter to your too! my nephew's birthday pictures are in the next blogpost. as for my hair, i think its in dire need of a trim and tlc lol