Monday, February 27, 2012


hiya luvs,

so i spent my valentines day with my best mate vincent, going around the city and taking pictures of buildings. it's part of his project and he wanted some company. we had a great time playing 'tourists' up the petronas twin towers. its funny how i spend probably 3-5 times a week in klcc (mall at the base of the towers) but hardly ever realize what an extraordinary super-engineered wonder structure above my head!

i'm glad i was persuaded to go. the view was breathtaking. everything looked so tiny and toy-like from up there. kinda made me feel how little we all are, how short life is and how every moment should be enjoyed.

enjoy the pics courtesy of vincent.

pink cardigan from new look
black tank top from h&m
trousers from zara mens
sandals from zara
earrings from mng
bag form miu miu

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  1. coooool shots Jiji! I definitely love the last one the most. I really wanna visit your part of the world one day xo