Saturday, February 4, 2012

good support

hi luvs,

never a day goes by when we need help from someone. a parent, a sibling, a neighbour, a friend; even a stranger too can be of help at anytime. and you too could give help when needed. sometimes you need to hear a different view, a listening ear, or maybe a shoulder to lean on, we all need each other for a little support. i read this a long time ago and eventhough it's corny, it does ring true:- a good friend is like a good bra; supportive and close to your heart :D

this odd post is dedicated to my everyday heros.


photos by ina
shorts from marks & spencer
bra from marks & spencer
belt from zara
cardigan from the reject shop


  1. Cardigan for Reject Shop should be rejected from this photo, I want to see more skin. Hahahaha! Love this post.

  2. thank you! i've followed your blog and am looking forward to read you new posts xx

  3. What a great post and so true! Everybody needs somebody sometime! Girl you look incredible! I would love a bra like that! So sexy! Love your hair in these photos and those shorts are super cute! Love ya girl! Kiah