Monday, August 12, 2013

island destination : BALI : day 1

hiya luvs,

i admit it, i am getting lazy to blog but i had a nice holiday in may with my girlfriends and got to use my friend vincent's awesome camera and wanted to share the pictures. i'm still saving up for a new camera because mine is ready for retirement.

our destination was bali, indonesia. it's been my favourite holiday destination for awhile now. i'm glad that indonesian language and malay language are similar so there's no language barrier at all.

it was a a girly trip, 6 in total and we shared a villa in seminyak. villa catur kembar was a three bedroom villa near to the restaurants and shopping areas. they had a large open air living space and kitchen area. we utilized the living area as a massage parlor most time. out of the three bedrooms, the largest one was the most disappointing. although it was spacious, it didn't have a connecting bathroom therefore we had to walkout on to a dimly lit open air corridor (susceptible to night bat attacks..) to a tiny toilet that is in dire need of a facelift.

the villa also had a pool table, piano and exercise machines in one of its wings but ofcourse, we were all too busy stuffing our face and getting rubbed to be bother to venture there!

sharing some pics your way!

day 1

the journey >

 photo VIN_8769_zps96195fac.jpg  photo VIN_8771_zps83018fda.jpg  photo VIN_8766_zps545eb6d2.jpg  photo VIN_8774_zpsd7b6d341.jpg  photo VIN_8775_zpsa67abf1b.jpg  photo VIN_8772_zpscd8f7049.jpg  photo VIN_8777_zps8e2d8809.jpg  photo VIN_8783_zps3983f91c.jpg  photo VIN_8786_zps3488afe0.jpg

at the villa catur kembar >

 photo VIN_8791_zps265519b1.jpg  photo VIN_8858_zps85d48906.jpg  photo VIN_8792_zpsd3153e8e.jpg  photo VIN_8798_zpsf0d2bcb9.jpg  photo VIN_8801_zps0e03fa47.jpg  photo VIN_8806_zps251224e6.jpg  photo VIN_8804_zps4be95bae.jpg  photo VIN_8818_zpsb3a63556.jpg  photo VIN_8819_zps400f9c55.jpg  photo VIN_8822_zps86442ee0.jpg  photo VIN_8824_zpsbabb25f0.jpg  photo VIN_9063_zps1b621a1b.jpg  photo VIN_8826_zps9ab8f6bc.jpg

our dinner in jimbaran's lia cafe. this restaurant is a no-frills cafe but the food was topnotch! we will definitely be going back there. >

 photo VIN_8835_zps817322f7.jpg  photo VIN_8840_zpsbc6c9e14.jpg  photo VIN_8842_zpsb8b53d34.jpg  photo VIN_8844_zps7d9a49a8.jpg

we were lucky enough to get a masseuse's contact number. we had arranged a session for all of us at about 10pm for about an hour and a half. it was so good and relaxing that it eased us to sleep >

 photo VIN_8845_zpscf723a31.jpg  photo VIN_8852_zpsfef73fbd.jpg

i'll be splitting this blog into a few parts because of the amount of photos..

peace and love~ jijixx

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