Thursday, August 15, 2013

island destination : BALI : day 2 - 2/3

hiya luvs!

okay this is a continuation of our 2nd day in bali, specifically ubud. some of us decided to stay on in ubud for some pampering at the spa while the rest when on a journey to the pura tirta empul water temple. it so happened that there was a religious ceremony on that day and we got to see a lot of activity.

day 2 continued

at the pura tirta empul water temple >

 photo VIN_8899_zpsd251931e.jpg  photo VIN_8898_zpsda57e94a.jpg  photo VIN_8919_zpsbee21c56.jpg  photo VIN_8902_zps3d8029f4.jpg  photo VIN_8904_zps486e8203.jpg  photo VIN_8906_zpsda18fb1e.jpg  photo VIN_8908_zps53a52655.jpg  photo VIN_8912_zps24a3929c.jpg  photo VIN_8909_zpsa057cb63.jpg  photo VIN_8916_zps9eb80d46.jpg  photo VIN_8915_zps3ec6e155.jpg  photo VIN_8922_zpsa0f95591.jpg  photo VIN_8923_zpse0087aff.jpg  photo VIN_8924_zps829b2488.jpg  photo VIN_8925_zps3713edbb.jpg  photo VIN_8927_zpsbf44efee.jpg  photo VIN_8928_zps69d8ca90.jpg

picture stolen from ina >

 photo 5dcf81279ba0e7255e2814c46f026511_zps0b3a861f.jpg

our late lunch at bebek tepi sawah >

 photo VIN_8947_zps136310ca.jpg  photo VIN_8941_zps68f97681.jpg  photo VIN_8948_zpsfca704c5.jpg  photo VIN_8958_zps6ac80dbd.jpg

peace and love~ jijixx

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