Tuesday, August 13, 2013

island destination : BALI : day 2 - 1/3

hiya luvs!

part 2 of our bali holiday starts on day 2. we rented a van to take us to ubud, the laidback hippy new age part of bali. the journey was a bit long due to some traffic getting out of the kuta and with two girls thats prone to carsickness, that wasn't an easy ride! but we made it through the worse of it. some of us decided to stay in ubud for a massage and the rest opted to visit the water temple which on that particular day, was a religious ceremonious day to gain blessing.

enjoy the show folks!

day 2

road trip! first stop - breakfast at juice ja cafe, ubud and we were joined by our german friend, ingrid >

 photo VIN_8857_zps98f071c3.jpg  photo VIN_8877_zps13f648c4.jpg  photo VIN_8863_zpsce5625b3.jpg  photo VIN_8862_zps99dbb9b9.jpg  photo VIN_8868_zps4c553776.jpg  photo VIN_8869_zpsa2b5801f.jpg  photo VIN_8876_zpsadb8f2d7.jpg  photo VIN_8870_zpsd84eb159.jpg  photo VIN_8873_zps3b089b96.jpg

not forgetting, stolen pictures from ina

 photo ina2_zpsdd5f000f.jpg  photo ina1_zps84ff60ce.jpg

ubud walkabout. we made our way to ubud art market for some souvenirs >

 photo VIN_8879_zps6acc6c64.jpg  photo VIN_8878_zpsb776fb9f.jpg  photo VIN_8880_zps0fed07b9.jpg  photo VIN_8884_zps705e993c.jpg  photo VIN_8885_zps4e6f1619.jpg  photo VIN_8888_zps5f1373b2.jpg  photo VIN_8889_zpsc8bb1609.jpg  photo VIN_8890_zpsdfd30217.jpg  photo VIN_8891_zps6da4f919.jpg  photo VIN_8893_zps247452de.jpg

 i'll be splitting this post into three parts because there's just so much photos to share! d'oh!

peace and love~ jijixx

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  1. ah I love all your pics.....and I'm so jealous of that warm weather. I've honestly never been to keen to visit Bali because it is such a popular Australian Tourist destination....but your photos of the people and the building have made me think twice.