Monday, August 19, 2013

island destination : BALI : day 3 & 4

hiya luvs,

so on day 3 we decided to take it easy. we went out to have breakfast at zanzibar cafe by beach double 6. its a nice place to take it easy on a saturday morning. we made friends with tash, who is one of the regulars there. we got to meet her adorable brood, her daughter raven and son kai. to be honest, it was us ooh-ing and ahh-ing little raven that got us chatting with tash lol.

day 3

 photo VIN_9043_zps4146b287.jpg  photo VIN_9044_zpsf38dd5f7.jpg  photo VIN_9042_zps69275f06.jpg  photo VIN_9051_zpsbd9092ed.jpg  photo VIN_9057_zps31ec4d08.jpg  photo VIN_9058_zps5698c7df.jpg  photo VIN_9059_zps7dc934a4.jpg  photo VIN_9060_zps4e99259c.jpg

that night, we surprised one of the girls, fizzy, with an impromptu hen night. she got hitched and plan to marry next year. since all of us were together, we decided that we would do something special for her. so akin, who lives in hong kong, came up with some dramatic false lashes (very dragqueen-like) for all of us and a sash for fizzy to wear. we got dolled up and went to a couple of clubs. the most memorable one was hu'u bar but i was so tired to take any photos by then lol

 photo VIN_9074_zps96909845.jpg  photo VIN_9090_zpsc6fd5db7.jpg  photo VIN_9077_zps59b1add2.jpg  photo VIN_9095_zps19449888.jpg  photo VIN_9135_zpsbc58054f.jpg  photo VIN_9132_zpsfb07cfb6.jpg  photo VIN_9129_zps67dd09aa.jpg  photo VIN_9122_zps36f4812e.jpg  photo VIN_9078_zps2d2e8dbf.jpg  photo VIN_9123_zps8823a918.jpg

day 4

on our final day, we all decided to head back to double 6 beach and have our breakfast at zanzibar cafe. we were tired and kinda sad to leave but we all made a pack to do our girly getaways more often, definitely good for our soul.

 photo VIN_9143_zpsfa7d6517.jpg  photo VIN_9140_zpsa312b3f1.jpg  photo VIN_9141_zps576effce.jpg

not forgetting stolen picture from ina

 photo ina4_zps33f669c0.jpg  photo ina3_zpsd3bf6122.jpg

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